The CyberKnife® radiosurgery System

CyberKnife® M6™: precision treatment


The Institut de Paris Hartmann is equipped with a CyberKnife®M6TM. Personalised treatments, reduced toxicity and improved quality of life for patients are now integral components in the treatment of cancers.
The CyberKnife is used in the treatment of both intra and extra cranial cancers and is the first in France to be equipped with a multi-blade collimator. It was conceived by Accuracy, an American firm that develops radio-oncology innovative treatment solutions. This apparatus, already set up in 9 French health establishments, offers new treatment possibilities.

The essential characteristic of the CyberKnife® is its extremely accurate, high target precision of tumours, particularly mobile ones, thus reducing side effects. Its precision, to less than a millimetre, enables it to treat all lesions, even those whose accessibility is difficult, while preserving the healthy surrounding organs.

The CyberKnife® System makes it possible to reduce the number of sessions (from 1 to 5), fewer therefore than when using traditional radiotherapy equipment. The delivery of stronger doses of radiation over a smaller number of sessions is called hypofractionation. According to a recent study by UNICANCER, for some pathologies, hypofractionation will be the radiotherapy choice.



Thanks to its robotic arm and imagery system, it detects the movements of both the patient and the tumour, follows them in real time, making corrections throughout the treatment session in order to guarantee precision and greater comfort for the patient.
No invasive immobilisation device is needed when using the CyberKnife®.


The CyberKnife is mainly used for intracranial lesions

  • Cerebral metastases
  • Neurinomas, arterio-venous malformations
  • Tumours on the pituitary gland, meningiomas

As far as extra-cranial tumours are concerned, the CyberKnife®is mainly used for primitive and secondary tumours of the liver and lung, spinal tumours, also pancreas and prostate tumours.

Pluridisciplinary management

The decision to treat patients by the CyberKnifeR system is made at pluridisciplinary concertation reunions that bring together all the health professionals involved in the treatment of cancer : cancerologists, radiotherapists, radiophysicists, radiologists, specialist doctors, anapathologists, technicians, executive quality managers. These reunions constitute the basis of the optimal treatment choice, by the CyberKnife system, for a patient suffering from cancer.

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