Vision and missions

The Centre de Radiothérapie Hartmann directs all its actions towards one main objective : the well-being of its patients, based on respect, humanity and constant innovation. We therefore attach great importance to the quality and security of our treatments and installations.


In particular, we give priority to the human dimension in our relationship with our patients and their families.

Our patients’ well-being means doing our utmost to ensure they receive the best treatments and care and also benefit from the latest technological innovations.



Thus we adhere to the values of the Vedici group, a private health organisation that manages over 30 clinics, health, diagnosis and cancer treatment centres in France.


The ambition of Vedici’s two founders, Jérôme Nouzarède and Dr. Michel Bodkier, is to build up, long term, an institutional hospitalisation Group that is based on a key value, respect.

Respect for the patient but also for the doctors, employees, sanitary and social authorities and the economic partners.

The group is led by a dynamic, mixed team of doctors and administrators who, together with the managers, take notice of what is said by the medical staff, in order to accompany their installation and development projects. Vedici’s partnership with its medical teams is exceptional in that it encourages them to participate in all decision making.

The group accompanies innovation, sets up research collaborations with the big international institutes and is already training junior doctors.

Vedici is a “builder” that adapts or rebuilds establishments so that they correspond to the evolution of medical projects, the arrival of new techniques and can fulfil the new missions entrusted them by the Regional Health Agencies.