The team

General manager: Emile DINET

Medical director: Dr Alain TOLEDANO

Quality manager: Sylvia MEDICI

The team of medical physicists

Doctor Marc BOLLET
Doctor Laurent CHAUVEINC
Doctor Laurent CHAUVEINC
Doctor Patrick EZRA
Doctor Eli HADDAD
Doctor Laurence HADDAD-VERGNES
Doctor Hanah LAMALLEM
Doctor Françoise PENE
Doctor Enrique PIETER
Doctor Alain TOLEDANO
Doctor Jean-Michel VANNETZEL

5 medical physicists

  • Fabien ALLOT
  • Maher FAWZI
  • Wassim KSOURI
  • Charbel MERHEB
  • Rémy TANNOURI.

A medical physicist is responsible for the technical aspects involved in the production and utilisation of ionizing radiations in a radiotherapy centre.

His or her main mission is to ensure that the correct dose is delivered. Together with the dosimetrist, they propose the most appropriate radiation technique ( number of beams, form, energy etc.).

He or she also contributes to the development and setting up of new treatments and control techniques.

 3 dosimetrists

  • Catherine COQUINOT

Supervised by a medical physicist, they set up the treatment ballistics (number of beams, form, energy etc.).

A provisional calculation of the dose is then proposed to the specialist doctor in accordance with the medical prescription.

 2 assistant physicists

  • Anne-Sophie AFONSO
  • Mesut AYDIN

Supervised by a medical physicist, the assistant physicist controls the statutory regulation imposed quality of the medical particles linear accelerators.

2 Executive managers

  • Florence KLEIN
  • Bénédicte PETIT

They are responsible for the management of the patient’s treatment.


The team of medical
electro-radiology technicians

Florence KLEIN et Bénédicte PETIT are the executive managers of a team of 25 radio technicians who set up each stage of the treatment together with the doctors and the team of medical radio physicists.

Pluridisciplinary Concertation Reunions

A pluridisciplinary concertation consisting of cancerologists, radiotherapists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, specialised doctors, radio physicists, health managers, technicians and quality supervisors takes place in order to determine the best treatment for cancer and arterio-venous lesions patients.